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Post by Kine² on 2016-04-13, 06:19

Video size and upload speed obviously dictates how long it'll take. Since making videos smaller in size is easier than upgrading your upload speed, my advise is to re-encode them. You open your videos using a video editor then saving them to a smaller size. You achieve this via fiddling about with video output settings. Generally the smaller the file size the lower the quality. Finding the best compromise is the fun but tedious part. Re-encoding videos take time... just about the same time to upload videos but it's the right thing to do.

for eg.
Uploading 1GB video takes 8 minutes.
Re-encoding 1GB video takes 6 minutes, uploading the 200MB edited version takes another 2 minutes.
It's the right thing to do because viewers will only need to download a much much smaller file size to watch your video. Youtube will re-sample it down to an even smaller file size. Your 200MB file might end up being only a 40MB video.

1GB to 40MB .. do the right thing.

I trim videos with this
It has to be that old version 1.4.12 ... they took out important features in newer versions.

That tool allows me to trim videos down without having to re-encode them (time saver). It is also lossless meaning the trimmed version is identical in quality and format to the source. Important if I don't want to lose too much quality in the final product.

Avidemux is the actual re-encoder software. This is powerful but absolutely not user friendly. If this screenshot doesn't scare you, then let me know and I'll copy paste you the settings I use. If it's to intimidating I wholeheartedly recommend ...

Windows Movie Maker

I kid you not, barring one missing feature it is the most user friendly editor out there. The missing feature however is the reason why I use Avidemux or Sony Vegas. Movie maker has re-sampling switched on by default and provides no way to disable it. Re-sampling makes your crystal clear video capture looking like a puddle of shit. Youtube resamples your video again thus doubling the shit. No way to tell youtube not to do it either. On the plus side, movie maker doesn't crash, is fast enough and has easy to understand tools.

The final drawback .... movie maker re-encoded videos aren't optimized for youtube processing so it takes longer to upload and publish. Fortunately the solution is fast and simple which is, to convert the .mp4 file to .avi ... you can find dozens of free to use convertors just by googling.

Tested and it seems ok. Convertilla is granny's convert A to B app.


So my workflow is as follows.

Record using Shadowplay - 60FPS, 20mbps bitrate, .avi output
Trim using Free Video Editor - lossless .avi to .avi long videos made shorter
Movie Maker if I need snazzy editing otherwise it goes straight to
Avidemux - video output optimized for best compromise Youtube 60HD or 30FPS depending on content.
Quick upload to Youtube. (depending on your upload speed)
Quick .jpg thumbnail job on Paint.Net if needed.
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Video Editing Empty Re: Video Editing

Post by Kine² on 2016-04-13, 08:09

Sample video using free video dub for lossless trimming and convertilla to reduce file size.

20 minute Source: 1,6 GB
Trimmed to 5 minutes: 412 MB
Convertilla'd: 156 MB at highest quality

assuming 10 mbps upload speed, it should only take 2 minutes.

Final file size on Youtube:
720p 60HD = 69 MB
480p = 16 MB  ........... 3.8% of original file, 0.01% of the source material.

if this was a 30 minute video using the above process, upload is approx 12 minutes. took me a minute to trim, 3 minutes for convertilla to re-encode.

[edit] I forgot to convert video to 30FPS so the sample vid is actually 720p60Hz. Halving the frame rate halves the file size so if it was 30FPS, the 480p video would've been only 8 MB to download from Youtube.

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Video Editing Empty Re: Video Editing

Post by RickyNeuman on 2016-04-13, 17:39


Video Editing Resize10
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Video Editing Empty Re: Video Editing

Post by Kine² on 2016-05-12, 16:41

Video Output = Mpeg 4 AVC (x264)
file extension is .avi when done


Rate control > Encoding Mode > Constant Rate Factor (single pass) = 16

Motion Estimation Method = Hexagonal Search = 8

Direct Prediction Mode = Auto
Weighted prediction for P frames = Weighted References + Duplicates
Weighted prediction for B-frames = Yes

Yes on all 8x8
Off on all 4x4

Loop Filter = On
Maximum reference frames = 4

Maximum consecutive B-frames = 2
Adaptive B-frame decision = Optimal
B-frames as Reference = Non-strict (not Blu-ray compatible)

GOP size minimum = 60 maximum = 60
* this is your final video frame rate. Use 60-60 for 60Hz HD or 30-30 if your source video was recorded at 30FPS. Using 60-60 when your source is only 30FPS will double your file size for no reason.


Once you've done all that, click Save As and give the template a name. Each time you re-encode your video for youtube just select the template from drop down menu.


* this is where you sharpen the image. Avidemux will resample the source so you need to resharpen it again.

You have 2 choices, either Asharp or Msharpen

Asharp will artificially sharpen you edges like photoshop does to images. Downside is it bleeds the reds on your videos. ie. if you have red text or edges that are red in color, those will be distorted. Other than that this filter can make videos really pop in clarity.

Msharpen does not blur your reds. It does not distort anything in particular. Cons to Msharpen is that jaggy edges from non anti-aliased 3D objects in your game will become even more jaggy in the video.

Asharp settings:
Threshold = 0.75
Strength = 0 to 6
Threshold value determines how strong the sharpen effect is. Strength value is how much to blur it down again after sharpening. 6 is all rounder. It sounds weird I know. You can mess around with these numbers to find your subjective best as it has a preview pane you can use to compare.

Msharpen settings:
Threshold = ?
Strength = ?

This one arguably can sharpen your video the best but values for strength and threshold is different from game to game, map to map depending alot on 'stuff'. It's worthwhile experimenting with the numbers for your favorite game. It does not have a realtime preview pane but you can exit the settings dialog box and click on 'Preview' button at the bottom right of the 'Filter' menu to see how it 'might' end up looking.

Threshold value is how sensitive the algo detects for edges. The higher the value, the more edges it will assume there are. Strength is how strong the sharpening effect is applied to detected (or assumed) edges.

For Overwatch I use
Threshold = 8
Strength = 45

In Contract Wars it was something like 11-33 for some videos 8-66 for others etc.
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Video Editing Empty Re: Video Editing

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