Chapel Ranked guide (video)

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Chapel Ranked guide (video) Empty Chapel Ranked guide (video)

Post by RickyNeuman on 2016-07-08, 15:22

Made a guide for chapel since the terminal one I made was such a huge succes and we are following the tactics now....
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Chapel Ranked guide (video) Resize10
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Chapel Ranked guide (video) Empty Re: Chapel Ranked guide (video)

Post by Kine² on 2016-07-08, 17:00

Gonna sell the Bush + Redeye combo for attack during EV phase
1 Bush 2 redeyes if the enemy counters it with Stokers.

Smoke grenades are awesome on Chapel. Pop it between the engi and his turret, the EV is as good as repaired the first attempt each time. Try to bait out ordnance before committing to repair tho.

Smoke is also good for blocking garage's line of sight towards the end of the path if they stop the EV there.

One of the better attacking strat for delivery phase is pushing a rhino + aura between the rock and bus. If those 2 make it there, defending team won't be able to retake the rock easily. Everyone else fights normally behind the Rhino while he deny defenders from coming back in.
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