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Post by RickyNeuman on 2016-08-01, 20:18

So for everyone how wants to play as a team -db has the dbnation serves.
There are pub and scrim games. Pug is when you want to play alone, scrim games are teams of 5 who want to play together.
About pug games (the bring ones for us):
Pug games:
x3onn - Today at 9:55 PM
PUG (pick up games)

Basically to join a PUG, you need to join one of the voice channel where we gather. Usually someone starts a PUG by typing @everyone in the Discord group.
We always play 5v5 stopwatch with friendly fire ON, in a DBN private server which means everyone will get exp and cases normally.
What you need to have in order to play in a PUG; you need to be willing to use Discord and have a microphone. You don't need to be experienced player but being able to play at least couple different roles would be recommended.

After we have gathered 10 people (or more full multiple PUGs) on Discord, we decide are we going to use EU or US east servers, depending how many US/EU players there in the specific PUG.
When we have everyone in the server, we decide how we are going to mix the teams. Usually we have 2 volunteer captains (preferably veteran PUG players) picking their teams, in this order 1-2-2-2-1, in order to have as balanced games as we can have. Other option is someone divides the teams.
Then we decide which map are we playing.
After this, an admin separates the teams in their own voice channels and the teams decide what role each one of them play.
When both teams are ready, the game can begin. Remember to communicate with your team and work together.
PUGs are not serious business, but people who play them usually search for more competetive experience than they would find in a public game or even in ranked game.
The only rule we have is "one merc rule", which means a team can't have multiple of the same mercs played same time, for example if a team has spawned in 2 Skyhammers (they can still have same mercs in their squad). This happens sometimes and it's not end of the world, but one of players who have same merc needs to "tappout" or "killout" when it's noticed.
Also we have banned Thunder from being played, for now.
About the roles: (keep in mind that this is the "meta" and it's not forbidden to play something outside of it)
In general, a team should have a frontliner, something like Fragger or Thunder.
Then someone who has an engineer in their squad, mainly for repairing/planting the objective fast in attacking and disarming enemy plants. The engineer can have an air support with him on EV escorting maps (Chapel, Bridge), to help taking care of the EV.
Then there is the role called "DPS" or "second assault" or "Flex". This role can usually plays whatever they see fit for the situtation. They can have assaults, snipers, air supports, basically anything.
Also a team should have two medics. In general a team wants to have an Aura in defense for the healing station. Other than that it's not so strict what the medics play.

Join the voice channel and the server when someone starts a PUG.
Make teams
Select map
Moves teams to their own voice channel and select roles
Start the game

About scrim games:
I'm not sure if the scrim games have the same rules as the pug games. I think you can just set your own rules.
So if Creed wants to play a scrim game we have a place where we can do it, and I would love to see this more often. Right now the most active clan for scrim games is Hero, and they are really good. I don't mind batteling them but for the beginning we should probably start with something a bit more easy to play.

Here is an instant invite to the dbn discord channel, I couldn't find a permanet one. If you want to join the dbn discord, just remind me on discord to post a new instant invite for you.

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scrims and pug games-dbn servers Empty Re: scrims and pug games-dbn servers

Post by Tricky on 2016-08-02, 09:36

Sounds great, could be fun to get involved with some random PUGS too to learn from.

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