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Post by keeNo on 2016-08-09, 10:52

Hi All! , Im DarKwOrLd my real life name Batuhan  Im 16 years old Im playing CsGo and any steam games , Im pretty active
on forumations , I love listen music with my friends at my free time Smile
I have a history of begone like 5 years , I have been in BtL , SZ , RyL , SaS and Rev on Begone , Im leaving Begone - ım playing CS:GO , DirtyBoom
And Nice Forum !

Hello Creedlings . My name is DarKwOrLd , yeah , the same on every game . I live in Turkey/Osmaniye and I am 16 years old . Nice to meet you all .
First of all , I would like to thank all of you for allowing me to join these forums . I know some of you from Begone and Ugb , as I am a former member of SZ / RyL ...
Recently, I decided to leave SZ since the only thing keeping me there was the fact I've been a member of SZ for almost 8 months. However, the people in the clan I was closest with, have all left or gone inactive, my SZSOLDADOZERO was gone. Although some of them are still active but that too on the fact that they play games that I don't , afterall , Begone was a great integrating force which faded away, while others still come on the forums but all the fun of gaming together was no longer available .Yet ,it is true that SZ is very active on some very good games , too good for my PC like Counter Strike Global Offensive , Left4Dead2 , and CW itself .Hence , I was left all alone roaming here and there with the only thing I was left with - a clan tag and some memories . This led to me just being a member because it had always been that way. I came to the conclusion that this was not the right attitude to be a member anymore, thus I left the clan. and I cut off my relations with Computer Games and I bought myself a super computer. Msi ge70 Apache.
This is not me asking to join Creed, just explaining why I left. I am not the type of person that will ask you to join, since I have known for a long time now that you guys dislike people who constantly ask to join your clan. If any of you feel I have the right profile and attitude to be part of Creed, I think I will hear of it in the future. and I want to be a AiN Member
There are a good contribution Smile everything to start again. My Story !

You want to join me why Creed If you say : I want a serious clan with active players that are skilled, have good teamwork, and are friendly. I want to work with a good clan to improve my overall skills and friendly people to team with.
I said many times that nobody loves me , none my friend got 4-5 friendly

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