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Post by azh on 2018-07-04, 20:05

Could have better nades.

27 ammo reload

Between 2:00-2:08 you did almost no damage.

40 ammo reload

69 ammo reload

During the grav, you should walk up, bomb+melee for max splash damage. I don't do this myself, it's hard to get used to.

Feel like you should have gotten some charge off the junk spam

59 ammo reload

How did mercy get away with that

Good job holding grav. Also good bubbles so far. Not sure why you have gold damage.

Bad personal bubble. First bad one I've seen really.

24 ammo reload

84 ammo reload

You bombed the cart real good. Not blaming you though, it's a pretty chaotic fight.

85 ammo reload. You also didn't actually hit anyone with the 15 ammo you used.

60 ammo reload. 40 ammo you used went to hitting shield, which is ok, but you still haven't done damage/gained ult charge.

Didn't really do damage with your 100 ammo. Hitting genji is hard though.

34 ammo reload

Probably should've waited to bubble. Hard to say though

Probably should've used bombs to juggle the reaper, makes tracking him easier.

I would've personal shielded to get charge off enemy zarya bombs

Genji wasted ult here

Probably the first bad projected barrier I've seen.

I think this is what catches my eye the most when I watch your games. I feel like you should be tracking people before you even start shooting at him.
Right now after you reload you're obviously going to be shooting the rein, yet your crosshair is not on him.

62 ammo reload

Not sure what you're doing here. Ur 90 energy, you're a god right now.
But hey, it worked out.

Bad projected barrier that got your bridgette killed.

Another several bad reloads.

In general, your bubble usage is really good. There were a couple times where your bubbles weren't amazing, but that happens to everybody. You also rarely died first due to good positioning. I think when you're full HP with bubble you could play more aggressively, but that's just how I play (and that's how I usually die).

Like I said earlier, your damage is lacking. Better tracking + bombs + don't reload so much. There were a lot of fights where you were 90 energy but did almost no damage for 10 seconds. Even though you ended with gold elims and silver damage, you could have dominated even harder. You could have gotten like 4 more gravs just on defense with the constant 90 energy you were at.

I'm not sure how you can improve tracking other than practice. I think you should try to correct your tracking using more rapid, jerky movements (at least all the pros I watch do this) - maybe a higher sensitivity is needed? You need to be able to 180 comfortably. Reload less. Only manually reload when there's no enemy in front of you, or you want a full clip for grav. While you're reloading, take the time to look around you and orient yourself, especially in chaotic team fights. Make sure your crosshair is on your target before you finish reloading. And try sticking your beam on a tank, or an easy to hit dps like doom or mccree. Your job isn't to kill squishies, your job is to farm ult and win teamfights with ult.
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Kine Vod Review Empty Re: Kine Vod Review

Post by Kine² on 2018-07-05, 05:50

aight, I got homework to do !
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