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Heroes of the Storm - Beginner Macro Empty Heroes of the Storm - Beginner Macro

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Which formation do we run?

A. 2-1-2
- standard soloQ format

B. 1-4
- strong solo laner, 4 man rotate between 2 lanes
- roaming 4 man can dominate 2-1-2 and 2-3 by denying xp and even threaten picks

C. 2-3
- if your solo laner is countered by enemy hero
- solo laner gets a chaperone as insurance.
- 3 man roam can still safely soak but cannot threaten or deny

A1. Who goes where?
- self explanatory.
- In LFG's I make a habit of getting this sorted out with the team at match start

B1. When do we temporarily stop soaking?
- At novice level its kinda ok to keep soaking until obj up
- more experienced players can spot opportunities when doing work > soaking

C1. How long do we stick to this formation?
- More of a composition factor. Power spike and scaling.
- not realistic to expect from lower tiers or in soloQ.
- with randoms we usually fully group after XP becomes less important.


Enemy is sieging us. Do we ?

A. Defend
B. Counter siege
C. Go Boss / Do work


What do we do seconds before and right after Obj Up?

A. When we cannot contest
B. When enemy cannot contest
C. When both teams can contest


A. Enemy man disadvantage
- do we force a fight ?
- do free work or
- continue to race / deny xp ?

B. Own team man disadvantage
- do we group up and do work ?
- take risk and continue soaking
- try and setup for a counter pick

C. Enemy is doing work, Do we:
- counter
- trade or
- invade
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