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Post by Kine² on 2019-01-13, 08:02

Items I bring to my Hunts. The Whys and Hows.

Item List:
MH:W - My Item Loadout H2Dwxum

Mega Potion should be your default heal potion. Restores 50 HP. Drink when you take chip damage
Heal over time item. Dodging, get hit etc will cancel the healing thus wasting your potion.

Max Potion is FUCK IM GONNA DIE item. Drink when you get fucked by a Monster stun + damage combo.
Instant heals no delay. Raises your HP bar to 200.

Life Powder Heals your team mates by a tiny amount. It won't fix their HP bar but good enough to save a life.
No targeting needed. Just press use and allies get healed remotely. You have to be within the same combat space tho
ie. you cannot be in a camp and heal a team-mate fighting outside

Pitfall because Monsters gain tolerance levels to Shock Traps
First shock trap is guaranteed. Second has a good chance of trapping a monster
But most monsters can become immune on the third trap.
Having pitfall can circumvent this problem
Plus it's nice to have a second trap in case you goofed the first attempt
Enraged monsters cannot be trapped (red icon on minimap)
Elder Dragons (Kirin etc) cannot be trapped

Mega Barrel Bomb - proximity trigger
Monster gets close to it, BOOM
Usually placed next to a sleeping Monster but nothing stopping you from deploying it mid battle

Nullberry cures status effects Monsters may cause you. Kobi Tadachi electricity status, Legiana freeze, Deviljho static thing etc
Herbal Medicine is the better poison cure. Good idea to bring along since you can get poisoned from various sources.

Cool Drink allows you to walk and fight on lava in Everstream map. Lasts for a few minutes (10?)

Farcaster is a mission saving item
When in combat (minimap outline is red) you cannot engage fast travel. Except by using Farcaster.
Using this item will very quickly activate a cutscene of a Wyvern taking you the fuck out of trouble and sending you to camp
Save this item when you have no more faints left and dying means failing the mission
Configure this as a short cut on your radial menu.

Flash Pod aka Flashbang
Must detonate infront of the monster. If behind, Monster will not get blinded. Best to shoot the ground infront of the beast.
Flying monsters will crash to the ground and become vulnerable
Non flying monsters will only get blinded ie. it will not target any players during the effect. It will not move to a new location.
Blinded monster can still execute static attacks so watch out for those.
Monster gain tolerance to flashbangs. The more you blind them, the shorter the effect lasts the next time you blind it again.
Flash Pods will interrupt monster combo moves.
It is very OK to blind a monster just to buy time so you can reload, heal, reposition

Armor and Power Charms / Talons explained below

Honorable Mentions:
MH:W - My Item Loadout A60IRd9

Screamer Pods = Used versus Diablos and Black Diablos
When they dig and disappear into the ground, fire off a screamer pod
This will force Diablos back onto the surface where they will get stuck for 3 seconds.
Similar effect to pitfall trap
Honorable mention because alot of Diablos weapons are strong so you will most likely be farming these guys
Screamer pods do not work when 1. Diablos is enraged (icon is red on minimap) 2. When they dig to retreat to a new location
Screamer pods are made from Screamer sac found by carving Wyverns flying in Wildspire Wastes
Its a bitch to farm, I just buy these pods from the Melding Pot lady back in base. They are cheap enough.

Flashbug = the only ingredient needed to craft Flash Pods
You can carry max 3/3 Flash Pods
You can carry max 10 Flashbugs
Configure crafting Flash Pods in your radial menu then carry Flashbugs in your pouch = you have access to 13 Flashbangs per mission

Thunderbugs + Trap Tool = More Shock Traps
Similar idea as above. Carry crafting ingredients in your pouch. Then make more traps during a mission.
You are limited to only 1 Shock Trap per mission
But you can carry 2 Trap Tool ingredients meaning its possible to make 2 more traps after using the first one.
Again, save the crafting shortcut into your radial menu
This is how good players are able to trap the same Monster multiple times per person

MH:W - My Item Loadout Z1pX7MJ

Above is an example of how my saved loadouts could look like.
Expedition loadout illustrates what I consider my absolute minimum. Heals and Att/Def buffs.

Attack and Defense Buffs Items

Potion = Armorskin + Demondrug
-----> These potions give similar stat bonus as the charms below
-----> But they are temporary lasting only 1 life
-----> If you faint, the buff expires requiring you to drink them again

MH:W - My Item Loadout VpydhFk

Talisman = Armorcharm + Powercharm
-----> You buy these from Provisions guy. They are expensive but worth the investment
-----> Stats are boosted as long as these items are in your 'pouch'. So you must carry them into missions
-----> They are not consumed and will never expire. Unless you accidentally sell them by mistake Razz

MH:W - My Item Loadout Q4phUis

Talisman+ = Armor talon + Power talon
-----> You craft these using the charms you bought with Bazelgeuse talons.
-----> Then buy the charms again to replace the ones you used up for crafting
-----> Don't forget to put them into your inventory when trying to craft otherwise it won't show up. I made that mistake Razz
-----> All included your Defense and Attack stats get boosted 3 ways. 4 if you include meals
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