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Post by Toiletseat on 2014-02-24, 20:11

Please keep in mind that although you aren't a full member of our clan, you are still representing us in some way.

Therefore we have a few guidelines for you to abide:

a. Have fun.
b. Members must respect each other.
c. Reasons for being kicked are: breaking these guidelines, inactivity, multi-clanning in Warmerise, multi-accounting, or bad behavior either in-game, on the BB forums, in the chatbox, or on RC.

Furthermore you are:

a. Allowed to use the "Creed" tag in Warmerise.
b. Allowed access to the Creed and Friends Warmerise forum.
c. Given the ability to attend all Battle and Training Sessions.
d. Given the ability to have a say in the Warmerise discussions.
e. Supposed to have fun
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