If you're addicted to Contract Wars...

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If you're addicted to Contract Wars...

Post by Third on 2014-03-13, 07:42

...and want to quit. Task the SR3M in two days. Guaranteed you'll be sick of it.

In all seriousness, this gun tasked is pretty damn good. Probably the quietest gun I have shot to date, excluding g17 and PM pistols. Mine is only on 88 accuracy because i don't have +5 gunsmith accuracy, but I honestly cannot tell when ADS. Hip firing you notice the non-100 accuracy, but other than that this gun is a dream. Definite contender with val3.
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Re: If you're addicted to Contract Wars...

Post by KineĀ² on 2014-03-13, 16:50

I am at 1,216 kills with 12 triples on MP7

How you get 70 on 2,898 lol ....

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