Payday 2 - Starting Out

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Payday 2 - Starting Out

Post by Kine² on 2014-06-16, 14:30

1. Assault Waves and Enemies


Non Special Units

Special Units

Normal / Hard / Very Hard / Overkill / Deathwish

Stronger non specials appear in harder difficulties

Assaults happen in waves
Higher the difficulty, the longer the waves, the shorter the calm periods

As more waves happen
Weaker non specials appear less, Stronger ones appear more
Higher the difficulty, the less waves it'd take before this happens.

There is a % chance a Special Unit will arrive each wave
Stick around long enough, even a Bulldozer can appear on Hard difficulty
Higher the difficulty, the higher that % chance is
ie. Special units appear sooner, more often and in greater numbers up the difficulty ladder

Higher the difficulty level, the more health enemy units have, doing more damage.
Higher the difficulty level, the more aggressive enemy units behave
At overkill and deathwish, enemy specials is claimed to work in combo with other units.
eg. Cloaker will wait for taser to stun a player before taking him down.

2. Armour


Armour in Payday 2 can recharge on its' own
The white circle is your armour and will decrease as you take damage
If you do not get hit for 5 seconds it will rapidly recharge back to full Armour
Getting shot when armour is zero will cause you to take Health damage

Managing your gunfights and armour is essential in surviving high difficulty shootouts.
Continuing to fight when your armour is down instead of taking cover for it to recharge gets you killed.

3. Inventory and Loadout


You can only buy and modify equipment out of mission
Inside mission you can select and change equipment you already own

Attachments can only be found after a successful mission. It cannot be bought.
You still have to pay to install attachments on your weapon
You can own multiples of the same attachment and one will be used up when you install it on a gun.
Uninstalling attachments will return your item back to your inventory ready to be used again
It is more cost effective to own 2 of the same guns modified differently rather than repeatedly installing and uninstalling mods to suit your needs.

Here I have 2 x CAR-4 Rifles modified differently
First has high concealment for low detection purposes but low damage from using a silencer (23)
The other has good damage (45) without the silencer but suffer from bad concealment value
Rather than uninstalling and reinstalling the silencer, I simply bought two rifles and modified them differently.

4. Deployables


Teamwork and coordination between crew members start even before the mission begins.
You can check who is bringing what guns and tools as well as their Deployables in 'Crew Setup'
At the very basic level, try to supply needed Deployables
For Eg. Depending on mission - All 4 members bringing ammo bags and no medic kits may not work out well.
Discuss before hitting the 'Ready' button
You can change your equipment from 'Loadout'
This is also where I check if someone is missing a silencer when we are about to stealth a mission

Deployables are items unlocked via Skills and not bought
It is the first skill down the bottom under each Skill Class

Mastermind's first skill is the Medic kit
Enforcer's first skill is the Ammo bag
Technician, Mines
Ghosts, ECM

Medic and Ammo can be upgraded further so you can bring 2 instead of just one with each providing more uses.

Mines can be upgraded to act as sensors and later on as C4 explosives

Basic ECM can block cellphone calls by civilians to delay police arrival. Blind cameras for 20 seconds and open up ATMs so you can steal the money inside.

First ECM upgrade will let you equip 2 x ECMs instead of just one.
Ace it to add 5 more seconds to duration. This will also delay pager calls when you kill a guard.

Second ECM upgrade increases its duration again.
Ace it and you can use ECMs to open doors that otherwise would require keycards

Final ECM upgrade lets you use it as a Stun tool against enemies.

TIP: when your Mine or ECM have multiple uses, 'G' will deploy it normally. 'F' will use its' alternative function on relevant entities.

5. Skills


Skill tree is organized into Classes
Mastermind, Enforcer, Technician, Ghost

Each class has its' own set of skills
You unlock the skills starting from bottom and work your way up
Every row going up is a Tier or Rank

To unlock a higher Tier you must spend a minimum amount of Skill Points in tiers below
You may skip Tiers provided you have spent enough skill points to unlock higher tiers

Generally, there are no Prerequisites or Links. Each skill is a separate object you unlock individually
eg. I can skip tiers and unlock the final ECM upgrade without needing to unlock previous ECMs.

*** Unlocking a skill in a new tier awards you with that tier's passive bonus. Some Tiers Bonuses are massive and I would unlock 1 unneeded skill just to get it. If it weren't for that passive bonus I would've skipped the tier entirely. So remember to double check the tier bonuses as well as the individual skills. ***

You can practice and plan your skill unlocks using this

Click 'Set Level/Cash' button on the right to simulate your desired character's level


We have more freedom to change our Payday skills compared to other games
And people do it quite often for various reasons. There are no penalties to Respec your skills.
You will be refunded 50% of the cash you spent unlocking your skills and receive the full amount of points back. Just make sure you have enough money to re-skill yourself. Use the skill tree simulator above to check how much cash will be needed to rebuy your skills

ACE'ing A Skill
All skills other than the first one in a class can be unlocked twice. Doing so will 'Ace' that skill.
You DONT need to Ace every skill you have
Just Ace the ones you actually need

6. Specialist Skills - list of useful skills to work for


These 3 Skills is as close as you get to 'compulsory' in Payday. You don't need them but I will question your wisdom if you don't.

Fast Learner = XP bonus each time you complete a mission
Transporter = Move bags faster, Throw them further
Dead President = 10% + 20% to value of 'loose' loot you pick up in a mission

Past a certain point you can ignore Dead President as loose loot represent only a tiny % of your income. But even then I still keep the +10% just so I don't feel guilty for picking up tidbits around the map instead of asking a team mate with Ace Dead Presidents to do it.

You will be drilling ALOT in this game. This skill cuts down drill time significantly. Drill upgrade just before this one even gives you a 30% chance of auto restart when a drill jams which does help when you are too busy shooting shit to restart them yourself.

Skill will unlock the portable saw which you can equip into your primary weapon slot. You use this to cut into things like safety deposit boxes, armoured trucks, ATMs, locked security doors, safes and much more. You can even rearrange a Bulldozer's face rather effectively if it comes to that. You will not have a primary weapon when you take the saw into a mission so make sure you have a good secondary.

C4 can be used to blow stuff open. Some things it is better to saw off but C4 is a deployable so you will keep your primary weapon. Some things that you can saw you won't be able to blow up using C4 like safety deposit deposit boxes so be aware. Biggest advantage to C4 is that it is still an anti personnel trip mine when not used as a shaped charge. Assuming you know how to use them wisely to manage assault waves - I sometimes feel it is worth sacrificing a medic kit for 6 x trip mines.

Highly underrated. Most useful skill you can have as a crew member. Allows you to buy the Spotter mission asset. This will highlight guards on the map for several minutes at the start of a mission. Absolute gem when trying to stealth a number of important maps.

ECM upgrade allowing you to open security doors using ECM deployable as opposed to snooping around the place looking for a keycard or killing the guy who has it.

Able to bring 2 ECM deployable instead of just 1. Ace it and your ECM can delay pager calls for as long as the jammer is active (20 seconds) useful the split second when things go wrong or if you plan to take out multiple guards all at once.

I personally wouldn't sacrifice skill points just to get this but unlocking it will reward you with a kickass Tier Bonus. +5 concealment and +15% speed when wearing armour. This alone is enough to drop certain heavy weapons down to acceptable detection thresholds and visibly improves your movement when chugging along in the heaviest armour.

Increases movement speed. ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE if you plan on being a stealth ninja. I still have this with my heavy gunner build because I rely on moving around the map to stay alive. At higher difficulty levels, escaping swiftly is a big part of the team plan and it helps when you can actually outrun your pursuers even in heavy armour.

Unlocks the Sentry Gun deployable. It is an MP5 in a briefcase that shoots automatically at detected enemies within range. Mixed feelings about this thing. You need to upgrade the basic Sentry before it becomes remotely useful (+50% ammo upgrade). At best you need to 'waste' 20 skill points from unlocking the sentry gun to getting the ammo upgrade. That is a big investment. And again at best another 20 extra skill points to upgrade it to Super Sentry (+300% damage, 2 x Sentry) which you will need at Overkill and Deathwish difficulty.

40 skill points is simply too much for 2 situational deployable items. But part of those 40 skill points will go to C4 and upgrading Drill so it isn't all wasted. And Sentry Guns can alter how the fights play out often making an impossible defense doable and a suicide escape a safer proposition. You may need to experiment yourself to decide if it suits your playstyle.

Turns you into a Bulldozer.
Tier Bonus allows you to shoot while sprinting.
'nuff said

Deal 100% more damage when your health is < 25%
If you have a big armour and can manage your risk in gunfights this skill is a big deal. Often you will unlock this on the way to Iron Man which complements it nicely. Some builds is centered on Berserker even without Iron Man. If you are a good gunfighter and can afford to invest in Enforcer class this is a priority unlock. Tier Bonus above Berserk adds another +5% damage which you will get when you unlock the Portable Saw.

I don't personally use this but popular with many others on the server.

Convert captured police units to fight on your side. Another underrated skill.
Imagine all 4 crew members with this skill. You can have up to 8 guns shooting. Each person with 2 x sentry guns each, you'd up number of guns firing at enemies to 16. Your bots also have unlimited ammo.

Prerequisite skill to getting Joker is the Dominator which is used to capture police units in the first place. This is another useful skill when you lack hostages to trade for team-mates in custody. Both skills are not Must-Haves but useful enough to receive mention here.

Revive injured team-mates INSTANTLY by shouting from a DISTANCE
Most kickass top end skill of any class.

Combat Doctor and Ammo Specialist can bring 2 x Medic or Ammo respectively. One bag twice more uses each. A single Combat Doctor is like having 4 players bringing Medic Kits for example.

6 Cable Ties will save you ALOT of money in the long run. Trust me.

Leadership improves recoil by 50% for you AND your team. Dont believe it stacks if more than 1 person has this but that 50% alone is good enough.

- It is not possible to get all the cool abilities. You will have to pick and choose here and there.
- There are no penalties when you Respec your Skills. It only cost money. Everyone respecs now and again.
- 3 or 4 big jobs with $1,000,000 payout will finance a full respec so don't worry about your builds too much.
- ALL skills are useful as it adds something to your abilities.
- Difference between builds is what it allows you to do and what roles you fit on any given Crew.
- Experience counts ALOT when deciding what to get and what to sacrifice. Only way to find out what works for you is to actually try them out and see for yourself. Everyone plays different and discovering stuff is a big part in Payday fun.

7. Payout Modifiers


Cash = 100%
XP = 100%

Cash = 115%
XP = 3x

Cash = 160%
XP = 6x

Cash = 190%
XP = 11x

Cash = 220%
XP = 14x

Pro Job:
Cash = +25% base -30% difficulty bonus
XP = +80% overall

Crime.Net Bonus:
+ = +19% XP
++ = +43% XP

Stealth Success:
Completing previous missions in stealth awards 10/20/30/40% Bonus to XP on next mission.

* Do V.Hard Difficulty for quick CASH
* Do Overkill for XP
* Do ProJobs only for XP, cash payout is about the same.
* Try to get Crime.Net +/++ bonus missions
* Stealth only gives XP bonus for next mission regardless of Difficulty you stealthed in.
* Stealth an easy mission that gives +30% or 40% then do an Overkill Pro Job.

* Completing a mission once, will give you a penalty for doing the same mission again.
- not sure how long before penalty disappears (will update)

** All loot found will be shared among crew members at the end. There is no reason to fight each other to pick up loot. This includes DLC packages. If a person finds a Yellow DLC package, everyone will get one after mission completion.

8. Missions


Missions appear randomly on Crime.Net (both offline and online)
You can purchase Missions of your choosing via 'Contract Broker'
Offshore money will be deducted in this case.
Contract Pay will be less than cost of Mission Purchase. Buy them only when you have a reason to.
You cannot purchase Deathwish difficulty jobs. These appear randomly on Crime.Net


Vlad = Beginner Assault Missions
Bain = Beginner Stealth Missions
Hector = Expert Assault Missions
The Elephant = Expert Stealth Missions

Four Stores --- 4 shops along a street, 2 on either side. Steal $15,000 worth of valuables. Escape.
Mallcrasher --- Destroy $50,000 worth of property in the Mall. Escape.
Nightclub --- Get into the Manager's office, crack his safe, run off with the cash.
Ukrainian Job --- Jewelery Store map. Tiara in Manager's office safe. Get it, Get out.

Jewelery --- Big jewellery boxes turns into loot bags. Get enough bags and escape. 4 Guards max.
Diamond --- Same idea as Jewellery store + Security room and cameras. Keycard to deactivate alarm protecting jewels.
Bank --- Same idea behind diamond only spaced further apart. Patrolling guards is the focus this time.
GO Bank --- Bank concept taken to the extreme. Laser vault, phone calls, blackmailers, pedestrians, aerial loot extraction, subterranean escape. Easier to just crash the place. If you call that easy.
Shadow Raid --- Stealth ONLY map. More guards than you can kill. Pure ninja map. Steal enough, get out.

Watchdogs --- 2 day mission. Protect bags while you wait for extraction. Awesome shoot-em-up job.
Rats --- 3 days. Cook meth. Trade meth for info. Hijack Justice Dept Bus.
Firestarter --- 3 days with stealth 'option'. Steal weapons, break into FBI office, heist a mob bank.

The Elephant:
Election Day --- Stealth into warehouse compound. Figure out then bug the right truck. 2nd day depends on day 1 results.
Big Oil --- Havent done this one yet. Sounds fun. Harder puzzle game than Election day.
Framing Frame --- MOST FAILED MISSION in the game. Steal paintings. 'Sell' it. Break into buyer's apartment.

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Re: Payday 2 - Starting Out

Post by Kine² on 2014-06-16, 14:31

< Kine's Suggested Routines >

When learning Payday stick to beginner missions first.
You'll only end up dazed and confused doing the expert missions too early.

There are good reasons to Stealth missions but approach the topic methodically (I'll cover that later)
Don't force yourself to stealth but when playing with randoms be aware that some will want to.
Find out what they want from you via chat or mic.
In most cases, staying out of their way works well enough.
If that doesn't sound like much fun right now, don't join stealth-able missions.

Easy Assault Missions

  1. 4-Stores
  2. Mall
  3. Nightclub
  4. Watchdogs
  5. * Jewellery
  6. * Ukrainian
  7. * Diamond
  8. * Bank

Those last four maps can be assaulted or stealthed equally easy. These are the ones you need to find out if people want to crash the place or stealth them. Normally if they fail their stealth attempt you can continue the mission by fighting your way out. If people want to retry stealthing it again that means they want you to suicide so the game ends and they can restart.

Watchdogs is simple enough to do early. And by Creed standards - we all should be able to do them under-equipped, under-leveled. Cash rewards for it is also very good. I seek this map out every chance I get <3


Learn to stealth Jewellery

Ideas behind that map will expand to everything else step by step.

Jewellery --> Ukrainian --> Diamond --> Bank --> Shadow Raid --> All Expert Missions

Jewellery and Ukrainian is basically the same map with the latter offering better payouts.

Diamond introduces the idea of security rooms and the camera as well as baiting patrolling guards.

Bank is the same thing as Diamond done on a bigger map so travelling around and timing your sequence is tested. Guard patrols is also more important now and you want to get comfortable assassinating them to move forward with your heist.

Shadow Raid is a whole different chapter in stealthing. It is both simpler and harder. There are too many guards so killing them off is not an option. It relies on your ability to sneak around the map with them still alive and patrolling. Takes time and experience to not fail. Not the place to learn stealthing or to 'have fun'. This is where you go to test your ninja skills for big pay.


Stick to those 8 basic maps.

  1. 4-Stores
  2. Mall
  3. Nightclub
  4. Watchdogs
  5. * Jewellery
  6. * Ukrainian
  7. * Diamond
  8. * Bank

When you happen to be in a game where people want to stealth, don't quit. Use it as an opportunity to observe what they do and ask them questions. It doesn't take long to catch on as to what the objectives and sequences are when stealthing.

When you think you've got the idea - go offline mode and try to stealth it solo.

Ability to stealth any of the stealth-able beginner maps will award you with an XP bonus for the next mission. Which should be Watchdogs at Overkill difficulty done together with high level randoms.



Add those you work well together to your Steam friends list.
Invite them to your games everytime you get on.
Or PM them to invite you.
Keep expanding your contacts and play with them regularly.
Failing a mission is wasted time. Playing with familiar names help reduce fails.

Easiest way to level up effortlessly is to be part of a high level group that are speed running through missions. You'll learn more and faster than any guide can explain in a forum. Look for these high level experts when you play. Join them and stick around when they go on their routines.

If there are non to be found - run through these 8 basic maps on your own and hope randoms that join you don't fail too hard.

Difficulty level to be done is by default Hard without good equipment.
Very Hard when you have better armour and weapons doing 40+ damage.
If there are good players on your crew, Overkill should be easy to do.

Pro Jobs are not worth it for the time being. Don't attempt those especially with unknown randoms.

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Re: Payday 2 - Starting Out

Post by Kine² on 2014-06-16, 14:31

< How To Stealth >
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Re: Payday 2 - Starting Out

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