In Search of the Perfect Build

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In Search of the Perfect Build

Post by Third on 2014-07-27, 09:14

At least until the trees are reworked Wink

Using 120 SP (or another amount if you prefer), let's see what you can make!

Use the calculator here:

Post your builds in this thread!
An image that looks like this (don't forget to add the Clan Spec for your build):

and a Noveske Tasked as a constant (like this):

Don't forget your reasoning!
Personally, this is what my next build will be. But i'm taking this one slow and using all CR to respec. My initial goal with this build was to add every single weapon modifier available. I think I have achieved that. That left me with around 14 SP, which I used to purchase the glitched skill, pistol accuracy, and the mortars. Funnily enough, it turned out to be a Gunsmith build, which made the noveske even better, damage wise.

Other alternatives I could have used the 14 SP on:
- Full nades (would make me destroyer build)
- Sniper detection skills I, II, & III (decided against this as the "I" would be wasted on lack of armor)
- +10 armor from destroyer (would just squeak in under the gunsmith spec; good option if you prefer armor to scout mobility)
- Sonar I & II from gunsmith (seriously consider this, since sonar only requires 2 kills with gunsmith spec)

My current build has made me realize that I like to move around the map much more than I had thought, with my destroyer build, I am extremely sluggish. Survivability isn't that great, but my armor does let me kill a few guys before dying.

- 3rd
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