A step in the right direction

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A step in the right direction

Post by FaultLine on 2014-09-05, 23:18

Out of CW's many problems, one of them was rentables and players abusing headshot protection. The devs changed the system today - rentable damage is now gone, and headshot protection/penetration boost costs much more GP.

I wonder if the increased price tag is enough to discourage some notorious renters from abusing it. We'll see.


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Re: A step in the right direction

Post by Third on 2014-09-06, 00:29

Holy Crap.

1000 GP for 15 days for armor. ($20 per month)
900 GP for 15 days for penetration. ($20 per month)

Bye bye sr3m with kill anything stats (renting). Glad it's gone.

I think we will be seeing a lot more gunsmith specs in game now.
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