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Post by Kine² on 2014-10-09, 04:23

my favourite bits from DS38

'Sword Alone' - solo melee only tweaks
Coincidentally it would also bring to life any fantasies you would have of being Space Ninja Thor, blasting through enemies with the incredible force of your Jat Kittag.


As a quick aside, we are looking at the concern of players being able to use lower ranked Mods in their Warframe builds. Having that level of customization is definitely valuable but the full fix for Mod ranking is something we’re looking at on the horizon. The horizon of, say, U16

Will there be a combat-free Archwing mode or Liset pleasure cruise?

Warfarme has definitely added some relaxing visuals with the Liset, and while our level design team would probably love the idea of making a free roam level for the Liset the open exploration is much more suited towards Archwing. With Archwing growing in so many directions the potential is certainly there for a free-roam mode that lets you search for resources and Orokin artifacts.

Explore mode to look for Neurodes ... hmmm -- I rather the pleasure cruise with my ship and leave homicidal resource hunting be.

++ other stuff -- worth reading
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