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Prime gear drop locations

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Prime gear drop locations Empty Prime gear drop locations

Post by ShadoWTigeR 2014-09-15, 11:58

Here's the link to a interesting post in warframe forum: it contains the drop locations of prime parts.

"Capture, Exterminate, and Mobile Defense missions no longer contain Resources/Cores as mission rewards, only Prime Parts, Forma, or a Void Key.

For Survival, Defense, and Interception missions, staying at least 20 minutes/15 waves/3 Rounds guarantees a Prime Part, Forma, Core Bundle or a Key. Resources and Cores are included in the cycling of mission rewards for some Survival/Defense."

P.D.: For those who don't understand which means tower, tower = Void.
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Prime gear drop locations Empty Re: Prime gear drop locations

Post by azh 2014-09-15, 14:20

I need my latron prime right now.
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Prime gear drop locations Empty Re: Prime gear drop locations

Post by Toxication 2014-09-15, 15:46

Alright, let's do a small list about all the horrible und underpowered stuff you can get from the Void. Wink

Excalibur Prime:

Ember Prime:

Frost Prime:

Loki Prime:

Mag Prime:

Rhino Prime:

To be continued (Weapons, drop rates,...)...

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Prime gear drop locations Empty Re: Prime gear drop locations

Post by Kine² 2014-09-15, 16:39

re: Rotations

This refers to Defense and Survival (unknown for Interception)

Each mission type have their own rewards list divided into 3 groups.

Reward group 1 is called Rotation A
Reward group 2 Rotation B
Stuff in 3rd group Rotation C

Each Rotation contains several common loot, some uncommon and generally only 1 rare loot.


common 1
common 2
common 3
Rhino Prime part <--- rare

As you go up the tier, rares become more common, replaced by better stuff that may not be available lower down. Eg.

Tier 1 = Forma = Rare
Tier 2 = Forma = Uncommon
Tier 3 = Forma = Common

Getting Forma from tier 4 missions is considered shitty luck as most people would expect better.


It's termed rotation because people assume the reward groups cycle around. In defense missions, you get to claim and exit every 5 waves. So:

Wave 5 = Rotation A
Wave 10 = Rotation B
Wave 15 = Rotation C

So if you are looking for something specific which happens to only be in Rotation C then you will have to defend for the full 15 waves.


What happens rotation C afterwards is unknown. There are 2 schools of thought.

1. Rotation goes back to A. This time, common loot has reduced if not zero chance of appearing and uncommon+rares in that group are the only things you will get from then on.

2. All common from all groups are eliminated and all the remaining loot are merged into 1 rotation.

Theory 1 is the prevailing one. If theory 2 is correct then the chances of getting something specific is still very low because despite the commons being taken out, the % chance of each remaining item is still low because the total items in that single group is still large if not bigger.
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Prime gear drop locations Empty Re: Prime gear drop locations

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