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Post by Kine² on 2014-09-18, 18:30

He failed his analysis. Kine says so.

These professors exist in every game. People who dwell in the theoretical and lack one basic life skill - balancing circumstance. Situational relevance.

Even though I do not know the exact % - I am willing to bet any part of my anatomy that not everyone playing Warframe has all mods, all maxed out with their favourite weapons catalyzed and forma'd.

And if you belong in that demographic like me - you have decisions to make due to limitations. Lack of mods, capacity, mission objectives, + all these other externalities will affect how you fit your equipment.

Case study:

After over 200 hours logged on Warframe, I still did not have the Rifle Electricity mod. It's absurd. What I did have was the broken version you get when first starting out. +30% at 6 drain when maxed.

Got my electricity mod yesterday - finally - and guess what. Rank 0 was +15% at 6 drain. Half as effective as the broken version when considering contribution per drain. What it can do is go beyond what the damaged mod can which maxes out at Rank 3 while the proper one could go up to rank 5? 7? 10?

What the professor left out in his analysis was consideration. For circumstance, availability, forma, catalyst, state of progression and all that good stuff. Which is hard to do.

Hence why good instructors refrain from stating good or bad whenever they know external factors can influence the usability of something.

In the case of Magnum there are other things that were conveniently left out by the author.

1. Elemental damage gets modified by the enemies that it hits.
You'd need to refer to the damage table on wiki but generally every elemental dmg will either get a penalty, bonus or no effect hitting different targets.

2. Magnum Force adds to BASE DMG across the board. Slash, Puncture and Impact values all go up.

3. Although unsure I do believe magnum force adds on to elemental dmg figures. They are additional damage derived from a % of base dmg. Since Magnum Force raises base dmg, it should increase the damage per drain contribution of those mods. You can easily test to see if this is true untrue fitting 1 elemental mod and nothing else. Note the dmg figure. Stick magnum on and see if elemental number goes up.

If it is true then point 4 holds:

4. You cannot and will not rainbow your damage types. You fit for what you need to go up against. And if you do - magnum has a function to fill and that is to nudge your dps output further than what a proper build would've achieved without.

could go on but not worth it. especially because this mod is niche and is only sought out to max a few of the weirder pistols in the game. Like that shotty pistol, stugg, etc.

In any case .. for most free to play players you can only fit 3 mods. Base Dmg mod, Elemental 1 and Elemental 2. Elemental 2 may be substituted for another DPS contributor depending on actual gun stats. Same rule applies for majority of your primary weapons. In which case Magnum is indeed irrelevant. Again this assume maxed out mods. If you are neither here nor there on fusion then its all up in the air depending on your circumstances.
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Magnum Force Empty Re: Magnum Force

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