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Post by Kine² on 2018-04-20, 17:30

Ginro wrote: have a question for all. if you could pick one hero and only ever play that, what would it be?

Following that, if you could be given the ability to master any hero but you'd only ever beable to play that hero what hero would it be?

If I were to one trick and successfully master that hero I'd pick something high impact at top tier play

Widowmaker (66% acc 50% of which are headshots)
Zenyatta (50% acc 50% of which are headshots)
Genji / DVa

There's no real hard counter to a perfect Widow playing on a widow map (or side) other than zoning him off his sight lines using your own widow or soldier / zen (at considerable risk). Perfect widow being one who consistently headshots supports everytime he goes for an attempt. Perfect widows forces the enemy to play differently and limits support's ability to function

A DPS Zenyatta adds immense value to a team's overall dmg output. His stats are currently overpowered because devs over compensated for his skill shot projectiles. If you have the accuracy and can beat Dev's assumption of a 'normal' effective zen accuracy you would do more dmg in 4 seconds than a McCree can per clip and almost as much as a 100% accuracy Soldier 76.

To put in actual context, double headshot from left click does 230 dmg in less than 1 second. That's insta kill on Genji, Tracer, Soldier, McCree and all other DPS. Without falloff....

Genji is just stupid. His kit allows a good Genji player the chance to outplay every other single hero in 1v1. Not all DPS heroes can claim that trait. Junkrat for eg. cannot realistically threaten a pharah. In a strict 1v1 scenario all other heroes have opponents who they are strong against and weak against. Genji has a shallower weakness curve. If there was a hypothetical cube room plus some highground with no cover and you ran a 1v1 simulation on all heroes vs all other heroes I would bet Genji has the highest winrate on that map.

DVa and Zarya are both phenomenal high impact team enablers. More so than any other tanks. Zarya has the better ult but at a severe disadvantage traversing terrain. DVa is more relevant in more situations but has an inconsistent Ult whilst offering high ult charge to the enemy in turn. I listed team enablers last because as good as they are they can only act as force multipliers on a team. Zero multiply anything is still zero so if your team is shit, too bad.

Why the academic question ?
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