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Chapel: Attacking Empty Chapel: Attacking

Post by Kine² on 2015-11-30, 17:58

We've played this map to death dozens of times over but it's worth pointing out the basic points of interest all the same so we're all on the same page. Yellow Balcony, MG Platform, Red Room, Garage, Mid Cave + Front Entrance.

I stick to this when playing pub matches. If enough people are doing it then I'd allow myself to deviate.

- Yellow Balcony at 1st Obj is the primary threat stopping attackers from repairing. Dominating that area also makes it harder for defenders to creep forward.

- MG Platform is to create a natural crossfire on the intersection once the EV starts moving. You still need people behind and above the EV but without crossfire the enemy can easily lock down any attempt at repairs.

- Red room is the attacker's flanking route. If we don't have it, pushing the EV becomes twice as hard. When attackers have it, getting the EV around the corner past the chapel is ez.

- Taking Garage is important. If attackers don't contest it, defenders will have people on all 3 sides of the EV. Construction, Machine Gun, Garage. Simply taking the Garage, attackers will deny defenders both the garage itself as well as the MG and attacker's spawn slope. Construction will favour defenders since they have access to it immediately after spawning which leaves attackers only the garage and MG to fight for realistically.

- Majority of randoms do not know how to fight from front entrance so they will always approach final objective from back entrance. This is not ideal. You have NO line of sight on defenders from the back except from bridge. In-fact in comp mode you only need that one guy coming from back to post up on bridge. Everyone else should be picking their fights at the bus stop, front entrance slope and mid cave. If you pressure the enemy hard enough it will force them to defend behind the Red Bus and Rock. At which point you start the Nukes to creep forward for a delivery.
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